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Full Version: Firmware V6.06 to Upgrade eVic Primo Mini
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(10-31-2017, 09:57 PM)rousos87 Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-31-2017, 08:34 PM)bey1012 Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-31-2017, 07:23 AM)rousos87 Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-02-2017, 02:37 PM)Crazybasil Wrote: [ -> ]Please, lower the "Weak Battery" voltage limit, it really hurts when vaping at 55-60W.

I noticed the same thing.
I think must be fixed in the next update

i get the same thing but i think that is due to battery sag. going to see if a higher amp battery will work

Is not the battery.I checked it with three different batteries (all new).

This occurred at 50% of the battery at 55-60w. I think is just a warning because i can vape normally. But is good to be fixed.

I use samsung 25R batteries. At 60w with .23ohm it pulls 15amps and that is why we get a weak battery warning. So even if it is at a full charge it's pulling a lot of amps. But this is why I think we're getting that warning
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