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Full Version: Check! Winners of eGo ONE VT/CT Launching Giveaway!!!
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Dear all,

Joyetech just launched the two smart eGo ONE devices, eGo ONE VT & CT. And we're glad that you really like them.

And we picked two lucky ones at random as the winners of this Giveaway.

They're Sarahvapessopretty (eGo ONE CT)
           Mortygen (eGo ONE VT)


Hope you'll like it. And thank you all.
We'll always surprise you.  大咧嘴
Bravo, Barvo, Barvo I did not win. 大咧嘴
But congratulation to the 2 that did.
I'm sure its a gr8 product.
Thanks again to Joyetech for giving us the opportunity to win.
Most generous Ecig brand. 心
Congratulations Winners!!!!!!
Woooohooo!!!Thank u!!!I'm so excited!!!
Congrats to the winners!
Big Congrats to the winners.


(10-12-2015, 09:12 AM)Sarahvapessopretty Wrote: [ -> ]Woooohooo!!!Thank u!!!I'm so excited!!!

They pick u coz Sarah vapes so pretty with a Joyetech eGo 大咧嘴

Congratulation !
Congrats ppl im sure you'll love them.
大咧嘴 congrats winners
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