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Full Version: eGo ONE CT/VT Launching and Giveaway!!!
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The VT version looks good. Why can't we buy the kits in the UK? Why do we have to buy them separately? Just looked at the UK Joyetech site and I am a little disappointed with that.

I prefer the ego one vt for the temp control
Just found the kit on the UK website. It's the Evic Mini that's doesn't have a kit in the uk. Apologies.

(10-08-2015, 04:38 PM)Madboy Wrote: [ -> ]Just found the kit on the UK website. It's the Evic Mini that's doesn't have a kit in the uk. Apologies.


Wrong thread maybe? (;
Hi there! Both devices fill some gaps in the market, especially for beginner or intermediate level vapers - if I may say so. The choice between the VT and CT version depends on the vaping habits and the coils that one prefers to use. As for me, I join those, who would like to try the VT version.

Cheers, keep up the brilliant work!
I love both devices...The Ego One is my favorite device so much so I've bought two of them and plan on buying at least two more

Thank you Sharon Lofts 心
I'd want the ego CT version in cyan blue, just because the color 大咧嘴
I think I'd pick the VT only because I want to be able to shift the temp, saves battery and can get some custom vape temps
I'm really looking forward to try the eGo ONE CT.

I really like simple and straightforward devices. Pop a coil, fill with juice and you're good to go.
Don't get me wrong, I love fooling around with settings, etc. but I really love the simplicity of things, so the CT is a winner to me.

Because of the Constant Temperature technology 害羞

(09-29-2015, 04:27 PM)Kermit Wrote: [ -> ]Dear Customers,

Joyetech just launched two new members of the eGo ONE family——eGo ONE CT and eGo ONE VT.

eGo ONE VT is the first eGo-style VT device, supporting VT-Ti/ VT-Ni/ VW mode in three different levels both in terms of watts and temperature.

Equipped with Joyetech Constant Temperature technology, eGo ONE CT, presents you with CT-Ti/ CT-Ni/ CW (Constant Output) mode in five fashionable colors for your choice.

For more details, please visit:

Now, here is the Giveaway!!!

Tell us which one do you like best? The eGo ONE VT or CT? And the reason?

Invite your friends to join our social, we'll always surprise you!!!
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