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Full Version: eGo ONE CT/VT Launching and Giveaway!!!
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Just saw the Ego VT also. That was a big surprise for sure! Great idea and nice work Joyetech. Although I agree VT would be a smarter choice I would take the CT just for it's diameter and use it mainly in VW mode where I can adjust the resistances to my liking 微笑
I will agree with most of the post here, that I like to be able to control the temp. You guys really hit a home run with this one... I would take the VT over the CT myself.
ether would be nice to win but would love to try out the VT one. it would be grate to use at work and make for a grate first win 舌 . been wanting a Ego one for a long time 微笑 微笑
WOW, interesting products added with temp control.
Another Gr8 product by team Joyetech.
The CT would definitely suit ppl who wants to changeover from the regular cigarettes.
This will be a gr8 starter kit.

As for me I love the eGo ONE VT.
I'm a very fussy vaper and the flavour of the juice is important.
Some juice taste best when vape at Low setting (220deg C) some at Medium (245deg C) and some at High setting(315deg C).
The eGo ONE VT is the perfect device for that. I can choose 3 different setting Low, Medium, High.
Smok king I couldn't agree more
Hmm, which one ? I think VT will be a better choice for ppl who already vape, cus we know what we're looking for, for "flavor".
Temp. control gives us an opportunity to experiment for a better "feeling" of e-juice.
So my vote is for VT.
Hey, they seem like well thought out devices and the next logical step for that style of device and ahead of the competition!

Just one query, maybe it's just the small pictures but I could not see where the display is?

Seriously, I think both devices would be great - the CT better for newbies but I think they would soon find they want some adjust-ability in each mode to suit their juice or style of vaping so I think the VT has to get the vote for being the most useful of the two as long as the mode and settings selection is both clear and easy to do.
I like the VT model due to the fact that I like to be able to get the most "flavor" out of my juice. Thanks for the opportunity Joyetech Social!
I would choose the VT version for more options to change temperature of my vape
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